Our Services

We are a company specialized in franchise lead generation services. We have been operating in this industry since 1995 and online since 1999. We actively work to be a research reference, accessible 24 hours a day, for all potential franchisees in the territories we target.
The franchise research process can take months. We strive to answer the basic questions that potential franchisees might have about the franchise concepts in our directory, and we educate them about the world of franchising. This guarantees our franchisor-partners qualified leads in order to quickly move to the next level in the negotiation.

   Our international network   

We are aware of the challenges that international franchisors face in recruiting potential franchisees or master franchisees in countries around the world.

In several countries in Africa and the Middle East, there are huge opportunities to open franchise businesses. The fact that there are very few companies specialized in franchise lead generation in these countries presents a real challenge for franchisors interested in expanding regionally. Indeed, franchisors often have to develop recruitment campaigns for each country, via franchise shows or through non-targeted local advertising. These strategies can be very expensive and bring little results.
We offer franchisors a turnkey solution in 16 countries in Africa and the Middle East, with a targeted local and international campaign at a lower cost than a single franchise show in one of these target countries.
Here is the list of countries where we operate:





Our mission is to educate potential franchisees about franchising and how the franchise business model works. They will also learn about the obligations and rights of franchisees. We provide this information free of charge to potential franchisees to help them make informed decisions and successfully acquire a franchise business.

Here is an example of the lead form you will receive through our network:

Canada franchise opportunities form
Franchise Name – Information request
Sent from canadafranchiseopportunities.ca

Sent:                                               Wednesday XXXX at XX:XX
Language:                                      English
First name:                                    XXXXXXXXX
Last name :                                   XXXXX
City:                                                XXXXXXXX
Province:                                       XXXXXXXX
Postal code                                  XXXXXXX
E-mail address:                           XXX@XXXX.XXX
Telephone:                                   XXX-XXX-XXXX
Desired location:                        XXXXXXXX
Available capital to invest:       X XXX $
Best time to reach me:              XXX