About us 

The Franchise Performance network was founded in June 2018 with the aim of bringing together two existing companies: Occasion Franchise and Québec Franchise.

Quebec Franchise was founded in March 1995 with the first edition of the Québec Franchise Magazine, the only francophone magazine specializing in franchising in North America. The founder of the magazine, Jacques Desforges, was the publisher of the magazine, as well as the creator of the first specialized franchise website in Quebec in 1999.

Jacques Desforges, Quebec Franchise founder


The Occasion Franchise network was created in March 2005 by co-founders Tarek Yazidi and Mohamed Zouari. After the creation of the OccasionFranchise.ca website in 2005, the two co-founders launched the following websites:


LeJournaldelaFranchise.com : The first virtual bilingual magazine specializing in franchising in Canada.


FranchiseChannelTv.com: The first web TV specializing in franchising in Canada.

Mohamed Zouari and Tarek Yazidi, co-founders of the Occasion Franchise and Canada Franchise Opportunities networks


CanadaFranchiseOpportunities.ca : Website specializing in franchising in English Canada. This positioned the company as the only company to offer lead generation service in Canada, in two languages, coast to coast.


FranchiseaVendre.com : First Canadian website specializing in announcing new franchises and existing franchises for resale.


OccasionsAffaires.ca : Launch of a website specializing in existing businesses for sale and new franchises.


The Franchise Performance network expanded internationally to offer lead generation services for franchisors in Africa and the Middle East. 17 websites were created to facilitate the recruitment of franchisees in 15 different countries.

With franchising in its infancy in these regions, the Franchise Performance network wanted to establish itself as an online reference for international franchisors and potential franchisees in this developing market.