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Benefit from a visibility with the largest database of potential franchisees in your targeted region. A personalized service and optimal results since 1995.

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Thanks to search engine optimization, your concept will be viewed repeatedly by the majority of potential franchisees in your targeted territory.

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Your franchise advertisement will be posted on all of our partner websites, as well as all of our social media pages.

Incredible results

Our websites, our social media pages and our eBlasts, as well as our experience in recruiting franchisees ensure big results for your recruitment campaign.

Why should you choose our services for your franchise recruitment campaign in 16 countries
With over 25 years of experience and a specialization in lead generation in more than 16 countries, including the 3rd largest franchise market in the world, Franchise Performance Network is your tool to reach the largest community of potential franchisees in the markets where we operate. Visit our network section to discover the markets we serve, all our websites and our tools.

More than 25 years of experience in lead generation services for franchisors

At the service of the franchise industry since 1995. We are the #1 tool for online franchisee recruitment

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Our websites

A search engine, a franchise directory and several resources are accessible on websites that adapt to all computers, smartphones and tablets.


We are in the first results of the biggest search engines for thousands of keywords related to the purchase of a franchise.


Since 1995, we have been a leader in lead generation services in the third largest franchise market in the world.

Social media

We manage over 80 social media pages that keep over 20,000 followers up to date with the latest industry news. We also offer paid advertising campaigns to our clients.


We have been managing large databases of potential franchisees for over 25 years. This allows us to make your opportunity known to this niche community.


We offer personalized eBlasts to franchisors. Our subscribers also receive monthly newsletters with articles written by professionals in the franchising industry.

Our network across the world

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